Sunday, May 11, 2008

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eskhyd said...

after seeing undavalli arun kumars interview with rajanikanth, we understand that he is willing to save the people, good, if ramojirao is doing an illegal bussiness what about corporate banks like, ICICI,HSBS, HDFC etc, banks are doing. they are sucking the blood of ordinary people, through credit card, personal loans etc, which are against RBI GUIDE LINES, HOW FOR IT IS CORRECT, IF UNDAVALLI WANTS TO HELP THE PEOPLE, I REQUEST HIM THROUGH U THAT LET HIM TAKE A CHALLENGE TO FIGHT AGAINEST THE ABOVE BANKS., EVERY BODY KNOWS THAT THE ABOVE SAID CORPORATE BANKS ARE NOT WORKING AS PER RBI DUIDE LINES, NO MP OR MAL OR MINISTER WILL DO SOMETHING AGAINEST THE Same. the work they are doing useless to peple.